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Depends on availability, from 24 to 72 hours. There are times when due to the amount of work I am not allowed to respond until 1 week later. You can always insist if you don't receive a response.

How long does it take you to answer a form?

What happens if I don't like the book cover?

You have to pass several filters for delivery, send sketches and drafts. Money will not be refunded if the design has been completed and all green lights have been given. If in the process of sketches and drafts a desired result cannot be reached, 100% of the money sent will be returned.

How do I send the money?

Depends on the country. If you are from Chile it will be done by transfer, if you are from other countries it will be done by Paypal or Mach.

Do the images you use have copyright?

Yes, they are purchased via Stock so I acquire the rights to said image (or images)

Do you work with self-published authors?

Yes, I work for any type of author who contacts me, regardless of whether they self-publish through Amazon KDP or Editorial.

What happens if my Amazon cover gives an error because of something I added and didn't comment?

If you added the “unforeseen correction” service to your purchase order, no problem! Let me know. If you did not add it, you must purchase the additional service for 30USD.

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Do you work with artificial intelligence (AI) ?

All my art is made by hand or created from other objects purchased from free or paid image banks.